Crappy QR code executions

The Lost Soles At Brooks

The other day I realized I needed new running shoes and so went down to my trusty neighborhood sports store. Now I don’t run that often so the last time … Continue reading

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Capital Fringe Fail

I care so much about QRackd and spreading the Snipp mobile gospel that I almost got trampled writing this post. No lie! Let me explain… I like walking and exploring … Continue reading

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Progressive Regresses…

Little kids learn very quickly not to play with fire. New Yorkers learn to ignore people who come up and talk to them on the street (even if they are … Continue reading

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Samsung Sings a Sad Ol’ Song…

One of the weird thing about being a child of the Internet generation (ok, not so much a child as a grand-daddy with a young heart) is that once you … Continue reading

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NJ Transit: Almost Smart, But Still a little Qrackd…

The other day I was taking a train back from New Jersey to New York. Now, despite what most (New York) people would say, Jersey ain’t that bad. After all, … Continue reading

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Farmers love mobile – and websites they can view easily!

Perusing in Target over the weekend and came across this display of grapes, with a QR code prominently displayed. No text or call to action, but as a Snipp-er, I … Continue reading

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Und Sie Siemens? Then Fail QR Codes!

You would think they would know better. Or at least The Economist magazine, which is where this ad below appeared in. (Note: I am somewhat mortified here because I had … Continue reading

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